How It Works

The Problem

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Imagine trying to coach a sports team without being able to see your players – or any of the action. Seems ridiculous, right? Well, in fact, most Sales Managers are placed in this very position. They’re unable to be by their team’s side to understand the challenges they face – or know whether they are presenting a product or service in the optimal way.

“We saw an immediate 20% increase in sales with TeamVisibility." -- Jon H., Sales Manager

The Solution

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Well now, whether you have a team of 2 or 2000, and whether they’re across the hall or half way around the world, with TeamVisibility you can be right there. You can see, hear, and coach your team and help make them great!

“The decision to move forward with TeamVisibility was easy. Who doesn’t think it is important to understand how your sales force is positioning your product?” – Monte J., National Sales Manager

It's Easy

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TeamVisibility is really powerful, but perhaps best of all - it’s easy to set up and use – and you can be up and running in minutes.


How it Works

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Each member of your team downloads a simple TeamVisibility App. At the start of their day, or whenever they want to begin a session, they just hit Start.

“We started with three of our colleagues on TeamVisibility and, within two weeks, decided to put our whole team of 20 on.” – Steve R., Co-Founder, National Sales Company

Key Data

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TeamVisibility begins to capture a team member's screenshot, microphone and webcam (if you choose).

“Having the ability to go back and hear your calls, focusing on tone, pace, wording, etc. allows you to take a look at your process with a critical eye to figure out what is working for you and what isn’t.” – Candace R., Sales Rep

Event Marking

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TeamVisibility allows you to either mark event outcomes from the app or import events from other software, such as a CRM program.


The Cloud

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TeamVisibility sends this data up to the Cloud where it’s stored and made easily searchable – wherever you are, whenever you’d like.

“The ability to produce “best-practice libraries” with TeamVisibility is awesome. You can tell someone how you want them to sell until you are blue in the face, but there is nothing like hearing and seeing exactly how it should be done.” –Eric H., National Sales Leader

You'll Love It

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TeamVisibility makes it easy to view your team’s summary activity, see and hear what any of your team members are facing in their customer interactions, and provide instant coaching and feedback.

"In our first two weeks, we have had our best performance levels ever! It was amazingly easy to get my team started" -- Jon H., Sales Manager


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Now you can easily see your entire team’s performance at a glance – both collectively and by individual. The Team Summary page is the ultimate scorecard of your team’s day – and a platform to dive deeper.


The Player

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View an “EKG” of your team member’s day. It’s simple and amazing! This view gives you all of their key data – screenshot, webcam, audio, and events – right at your fingertips. You can easily navigate to hear their calls, see the patterns of their day, and provide immediate coaching or share best practices.


Notes and Sharing

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You can easily coach and collaborate! TeamVisibility radically reduces the time it takes to improve your people and process – with everyone feeling connected. Managers can share best practices at the touch of a button and Team Members can even review their own work for self improvement.

“We quickly learned that the critical factor in our sales people’s development is the ability for a more seasoned sales person to sit with them and review the “game tape” of their calls together. TeamVisibility literally compressed the time involved in that process by 100x.” – Steve R., Co-Founder, National Sales Company


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With TeamVisibility, it’s easy to find and review the events that matter most. You can even instruct the system to “pop” certain events to you as they happen. For example, want to hear only the “No Sale” calls from a new product roll-out? No problem. Just choose that in the settings and they’ll be pushed right to you as they occur!

“TeamVisibility is amazing! I can hire the best people wherever they are and make them a core part of my team – a real game-changer.” – John J., Sales Manager

It's so easy to start

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TeamVisibility is so easy to set up and use – your team can start improving today! And we’re here to help you every step of the way. Our technical support and Success teams are dedicated to helping you make your team great.